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Late Spring Training Travel Guide

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Spring Training in Arizona is almost over, but there are still a few more days to make a quick trip out to the desert and see your favorite teams in the Cactus League. In fact, some argue that the last days of training are the best games to see because all the star players of each team are getting the most playing time possible. If you can make it out to Arizona before next weekend, it’s definitely worth it because the tickets are cheap and the stadiums are small.

Games typically start at 1 pm, and end around 4 pm. So, here’s your guide what to do before and after the game.

Get some autographs. Teams have training sessions for all the players every day before the game. Players are spread out among various practice fields to engage in batting practice, pitching sessions and simulated games. As training ends and they begin walking back to the main facility, that’s a good time to stop them and ask for autographs. Have a pen ready, as they won’t be carrying one.

*Pro tip: Know whose autograph you are asking for. Get his attention by using his name.

Eat local. Arizona has some incredible local restaurants. If you’ve made the trip from out of town, do yourself a favor and eat somewhere that doesn’t exist in your hometown. For you Mexican food lovers, I recommend Tia Rosa’s in north Mesa. For you hamburger fans, try to swing by either the Burger Shoppe or Two Hippies. Both come highly recommended. If you’re here, you might as well make it count.

Accommodations. You will naturally look for a place to stay nearby to the stadium of the team you are here to see. If you haven’t thought about it, make it your rule of thumb. There are ballparks all over the valley, so why waste time driving when you could be hunting down your favorite player. If you don’t mind a drive, there are plenty of resort-style hotels in and around Scottsdale.

You don’t see that every day. Arizona offers a few sights that we hold exclusive to the Sonora Desert. If have time, take a drive to get a glimpse of our saguaro cactus. If you have a black light, you might like to pick up scorpion hunting. If you’re a NASCAR fan, take a tour of Phoenix International Raceway.

We may be in the middle of the desert, but there’s an oasis around every corner.

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