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5 Mistakes First Time Campervan Hirers Make And How To Avoid Them

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Campervan and campervan hire can be one of the greatest holiday experiences of your life. Unlike a lot of other breaks away or holidays, it gives you the opportunity to go where you please, as you please and see parts of the world you ordinarily wouldn’t. This freedom is one of the reasons it’s becoming increasingly popular. However, that’s not to say you shouldn’t take some consideration of potential mistakes before you take control. So, to prevent you making them, here are some of the more common mistakes.

Maps and GPS

Use either a map or GPS to ensure you have the fullest freedom of the open roads. Campervan hire is exciting and exhilarating, though it is at its best when it is planned. By taking a planned route by app or GPS you ensure you make the most of the trip and take in the sites that make the trip the best it can be. Carefully designate the route before setting off and spend a little time each night following it to ensure the next day’s success.


The best way to ensure that your campervan hire goes according to plan each and every time is to have a checklist to follow and to look through. Ensuring you have all your connections laid out and that your campervan is now on a level area before you set up is very important. Also designate a check list for the hooking up of the campervan to water, gas, electricity etc. This ensures that all is done before you set up and break from camp.

Kits to Bring

Make sure that when you begin your campervan hire that you bring a first aid kit with all that is necessary. When in the great outdoors anything can happen and there may not always be a shop on hand with items to help. You should also ensure you have a flashlight, batteries, pens and paper, a phone and charger and a camera – though most phones have these nowadays. There are ready made kits for this purpose.

Pets and Children

Though they say you should work with neither in show business, spending time in a campervan contract hire is a truly great way to get to hang out with both your children and your pets. Try and set up certain opportunities to surprise them and make the most of this time together. There are all sorts of different places you can take them and surprise them with a campervan hire and make it a memorable occasion for all. Just be aware that children can get bored at the most unexpected of times, so prepare yourself to ensure they are entertained.


If you do run into problems as many people who take up a campervan hire do, then ask fellow RV or campervan users for some advice. If they are seasoned they will most likely have come across the problems with a campervan and be able to give you some advice to get you out of a sticky situation.

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