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4 Must Have Snacks To Bring On Any Road Trip

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We all know the feeling. You’re driving down the road on your long road trip and it just hits you in your gut, drivers hunger. I’m not just if it comes from boredom or if it because you actually get hungry, but nonetheless, you’re hungry. No one wants to pull over and waste time spending too much money on junk food at gas station, which will only make you feel worse a couple hours after you’ve eaten it. Instead of eating fatty, high calorie food that is terrible for you and will actually make you crash (I mean from a sugar high, but maybe even literally – although I doubt it) after a couple dozen miles down the road anyways. It’s always better to eat food that keeps you focused and gives you real energy.


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1. Nuts

Nuts are a natural, healthy source of protein and fiber. If you’re craving something salty don’t go straight to the potato chips but try eating something that will keep you awake and is full of protein.

2. Sorry Sodas

Sodas, and frankly all sugary drinks, are absolutely terrible for you. One can of Dr. Pepper shuts down your immune system for 45 minutes. Sodas have such high levels of sugar and calories. They lead to type 2 diabetes and obesity. If you want to lose weight, just stop drinking sodas and I guarantee you’ll see results in a month. Sodas are such an energy drainer. You’ll get a quick boost of energy, only by being followed by feeling tired for the rest of the day. Just drink water. It’s what your body needs, and it will give you natural energy. The only reason you think it doesn’t is because you body is used to going through 3 sodas a day.

3. Fruit

Fruit is a great natural way to get energy and keep you healthy. Berries and grapes are already perfectly bite size! Candy is not as much as your friend as you may think. Anything thats high in sugar and corn syrup will give you a crash. Whereas fruit will not give you any type of crash. Candy bars are nothing more than a bomb of empty calories.


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4. Sunflower Seeds

These are one of my favorites because they always keep me awake. I’ve been on too many drowsy driving experiences to not trust myself with sunflower seeds. They’re great because they keep your mind occupied. You’re having to crew and eat the seed while spiting out the shell (sorry if that grossed you out), but this keeps your brain engaged and thinking. Which is vitally important when driving.

Always prepare yourself and your home for a long road trip. If you’re going from Denton, TX to Denver, CO – what you prepare for today will protect you tomorrow. Eat healthy and also consider some alarm systems to be wired in your house. There are plenty of companies you can align with to get set up. I found a company pretty close to where I live called Smith Monitoring. Set your Denton home security system and make sure you have your navigation set, and be safe. Have fun out there!

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