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10 Tips For Women Traveling Alone

by Andrew Handley
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By Andrew Handley

Taking a trip on your own can be an empowering, enlightening, and engaging experience for any woman. Whether you’re traveling for work or for pleasure, going it alone can present a few challenges, especially when it comes to safety. With these 10 tips for women traveling alone, you can enjoy a less stressful, more productive and relaxing trip.

1. Be Cautious

The saying “trust no one” is sage advice for women who are traveling alone. Whether you’re at a familiar destination or a new one, there are bound to be plenty of unsavory characters to encounter in your travels. From loiterers around the airport to pickpockets, thieves, and others, be weary of anyone who gets too close to your person, approaches you to ask for directions or assistance, or any other circumstance that seems unusual. Both males and females commit these types of acts, so don’t automatically trust another woman.

2. Pack Light

The last thing you want to have to do is lug around a bunch of heavy suitcases and duffel bags. Pack light, including mix and match items and just one or two pairs of comfortable shoes. Select travel sized toiletries. Use the hotel laundry or hand launder items to reduce the amount of clothing you need to bring with you.

3. Stay in Touch

Before you depart and throughout the duration of your trip, stay in touch with at least one person at home. Keep this friend or family member up to date as to your itinerary and whereabouts in case something were to happen to you.

4. Choose Your Wardrobe Carefully

Choose your wardrobe and accessories for comfort and with safety in mind. Bring clothing that is appropriate for the expected weather conditions at your destination. Wrinkle-free fabrics and low-heeled shoes will add to your comfort level and keep your feet healthy. Dressing conservatively and minimizing expensive accessories and jewelry will decrease attention from you and help keep you safe.

5. Consider a Mugger’s Wallet

A “mugger’s wallet” is a decoy wallet holding a small amount of cash that you can toss to a mugger. It may divert attention from your real wallet that is hidden on your person and contains your identification, credit or debit cards, and additional cash.

6. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Awareness of your surroundings is essential for your safety. Don’t wear earbuds or headphones while on public transportation or walking. Always locate at least two exits from any enclosed area. If something makes you uncomfortable, get out of the situation. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

7. Do Some Research

Find out whether the local law enforcecment at your destination can be trusted. Learn which neighborhoods are to be avoided. Understand the customs of the area so that you can be prepared for whatever might come your way.

8. Don’t Look Like a Tourist

Showing off expensive cameras, phones, or flash a big wad of cash. Walk confidently. Know where you’re going and how to get back to your hotel. Know how to call for a cab or for emergency help in the native language if you’re traveling abroad.

9. Map Your Route

If you’re on a road trip by yourself, map out your route ahead of time, including where you’ll stop for gas and lunch breaks. Give a copy of this route to a friend at home and a friend at your destination.

10. Travel During Daylight

Stick with daytime driving hours. You’ll be more alert during the daytime. Daylight also adds safety if your car were to break down.

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