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Why Are Your Friends Making You Go To Their Destination Wedding?

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Have you had your suit fitted recently? If not, you might want to do that, as you’ll probably need it pretty soon. Now that spring is in full blast, wedding season is here – the time of the year when couples take their love for another to a new level and agree to spend the rest of their lives together. And don’t forget, you might want to start reviewing travel agents and listings sites as you might have to make many arrangements. That’s because many couples are choosing to make their wedding a destination wedding. Here are just some of the reasons this may be the case:

  • It can be cheaper: Okay, at first, you might not think that this can be because most destination weddings encompass breathtaking locations and luxurious resorts, but remember one thing: a destination wedding allows the couple to limit their guest list to only the few that they want there – sorry, Dave from work who thought he would get an invite because of good water cooler chatter. The most expensive part of most weddings is usually the food because of the number of guests. A destination wedding negates this.
  • Couples can usually get a good rate for lodging: Let’s say they’re going to have their wedding in Costa Rica to give their friends and family a tropical paradise to visit for a few days. Oftentimes a trip like this would be pretty expensive, depending on the resort. However, most resorts offer wedding packages and group discounts that make Costa Rica vacation rentals affordable. By having a destination wedding, guests actually get to take a vacation at a discounted price.
  • The whole ambiance is important idea: There are milestone moments in people’s lives. Getting married is one of the bigger ones. Many couples choose a destination wedding because they have the opportunity to pick a place that holds special importance to them. It makes for great pictures too.
  • There’s more time to spend with those you love:Are you married? If you, you probably remember the stress of running around, trying to remember a million names as you greet everyone who came. At most, how long is a wedding? 4 hours, maybe 5. A destination wedding allows a couple to commemorate the partnership with friends and family and actually enjoy it. If you go to a destination wedding, you’ll most likely spend at least three days at the resort. This gives the couple and guests plenty of time to get together and celebrate the union.

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