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Top Hotel Safety Tips for Travelers

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Hotel security can be the last thing on your mind while vacationing. However, returning from a day of fun only to discover a ransacked hotel room can put a damper on your enthusiasm and ruin your vacation. By taking certain precautions and following these tips, you can stay safe.

Important Documents and Valuables 

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Keep photographs and a documented list of all of your valuables. In the event they are stolen from the hotel room, you will be able to provide the correct information to your insurance company. Before leaving home, photo copy the front and back of all your important documents like driver’s license/identification, passports, credit cards, and airline tickets. If traveling overseas, hide a copy of your passport in your suitcase. It is also wise to leave a copy of the documents with a family member or trusted friend.

Hotel Room Safe

Protect and secure your valuables by using the hotel safe in the room. Store jewelry, wallets, credit cards, keys and other valuables in the hotel safe provided. While you’re out, for added protection, consider leaving your valuables at the front desk. Be sure to get a written receipt for whatever items you leave, and make sure your insurance covers your valuables in case of loss.

Double-check Room
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Have a staff member of the hotel accompany you to your room and be on stand-by while you thoroughly examine it. Check under the bed, and inspect closets and bathrooms to ensure no intruder is lurking. Make sure all door and window locks are fully functioning. Check the phone to ensure it works properly. Identify a fire escape route and locate emergency exits. Note the location of the fire extinguishers. Be sure the room is equipped with smoke detectors or a sprinkler system.

During Your Stay

At all times, keep your door locked if you’re in your room. Engage the security locks, security chains, and any deadbolts. Never leave your door propped open, not even momentarily. Place a pair of shoes next to the bed at night in case you have to leave in a rush. Keep a flashlight, the room key, and your wallet or purse nearby. If an unexpected person comes to your door claiming to be a staff member, call the front desk to confirm the visit is authentic. Never open your door to unidentified people; utilize the peephole instead.

Laptop Lockup

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If you bring along a laptop, leave it in a safety deposit box at the front desk when you need to be out of the room. Bringing a laptop security cable may also be a good idea. The laptop can be locked to a piece of furniture or other fixture like a pipe or bed frame. If securing it in a suitcase, make sure the suitcase has a small lock that can be engaged.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Take note of your surroundings when you’re in the hallways, parking lots, elevators, or public areas. Always have your key in-hand and ready before you arrive at your room, so you won’t have to fumble for it and get distracted.

Hotel Parking Garages

Have someone escort you if it’s necessary to enter the hotel parking lot or garage at night. Try to park your vehicle in a lighted area in the garage and park as close to an exit as possible. Approach your car with your keys already in-hand.

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