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There’s More To A Golfing Holiday Than Golf

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For millions of tourists, the only sensible thing to do on holiday is lie on a sun-lounger, read a book and enjoy the occasional ice cream. After working hard all year, many men and women feel they want nothing more than complete rest when they head off on vacation. Needless to say, this isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. For a sizable proportion of travellers, a holiday isn’t complete without taking part in a few activities, whether that means cycling, trekking, snorkelling or tennis.

For golfers, the chance to play at venues around the world is not to be missed. There are a number of destinations which offer excellent courses and an impressive climate, and as such are well worth a visit. In recent times, however, the more experienced golfing travellers have discovered that there is far more to it than good fairways and a warm sun. Here are four aspects of a golf trip that should be regarded as equally important.

Entertainment options

Playing 18 holes of golf on a sun-bleached course is only ever a part of the experience. A group of players, whether they are young or old, male or female, will want to enjoy the evenings just as much as the afternoons. Any destination which is serious about wanting to attract golfers time and time again will need to ensure there are things to do and places to visit when the sun goes down at the end of another tiring sporting day. A single hotel and very little else will soon lead to boredom.


There was a time when almost anyone who played golf could be assumed to be a wealthy individual, but the sport is more open to all social levels now than ever before. Hotel, restaurant and bar owners need to be careful when setting prices for rooms, meals and drinks, because if the visitors feel they are being over-charged they will simply vote with their feet and never return again in the future. A little common sense will inevitably bring greater rewards than immediate greed.

Ease of access

Some golfing destinations offer a wide selection of local choices, but in some cases getting from one to another can prove difficult. Public transport is rarely a viable option, so visitors tend to rent vehicles instead. As is always the case these days, it’s easy to compare car hire prices on the Internet before the holiday begins, so it makes sense to check out the web as soon as you have arranged and booked the flights, tee times and hotel rooms.

Friendliness of the locals

It may sound trite to say it, but the warmth of the received welcome can make a huge difference to the enjoyment levels. Many golfing holidays involve large groups of players, and if they leave with a negative image of the local people they are likely to do two things: they will almost certainly choose a different destination next time, and they will invariably tell many of their friends. A friendly smile and a helpful attitude will always go a long way to ensuring every visitor wants to come back one day.

Paul Munro is a keen golfer who lives in the south-east of England.

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