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Step By Step Guide To Getting Travel Vaccinations

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As the holiday season approaches you’ll no doubt be getting excited about a few weeks in the sunshine a faraway place.  While you may be anticipating all the stress that comes beforehand, like choosing a destination, sorting time away from work, and debating over what old clothes to pack and which new clothes to buy, it’s important that you first consider if you require a travel vaccination.

Why do I need a travel vaccination?

Travel vaccinations are needed to protect you against viruses that can become of risk to you when outside of the U.K.  Some countries will require you to have proven documentation that you have received certain vaccinations before allowing you to enter. Without having travel vaccinations you are liable to succumb to illness, disability, and in some cases death. There is also a public health risk upon your return to the U.K.

When should I get my vaccination?

You need to consider getting your vaccinations as early as possible. It is recommended that any programme you take be completed at least six weeks before your departure, if not sooner. Due to the possible costs of the vaccinations it’s important to know which vaccinations you will need as soon as possible as added costs may infringe upon the budget of your holiday.

Which vaccinations do I need and how do I get it?

You will need to contact your G.P. or a practise nurse for this information. Getting in touch with your G.P. is highly recommended because they have your medical records and can see which vaccinations you require based on your history. In some cases, even if you have been vaccinated you may need to be so again if a certain length of time has passed.  Your G.P. will inform you of what vaccinations you will need and schedule an appointment for you to receive it. Private clinics will also offer vaccinations and are a reliable alternative.

How much will the vaccinations cost?

Some vaccinations are currently offered on the N.H.S. This means that the vaccination will either be free or only a small charge will be incurred. These vaccinations include polio, typhoid, hepatitis A and cholera. Other vaccinations you will have to pay for. The most common ones that have an expense are: meningococcal meningitis, hepatitis B, rabies, Japanese encephalitis and tuberculosis. The prices of these will vary and can cost in excess of £50. As multiple vaccinations may be required it is important that you fully understand which vaccinations you need and how much they will cost from early on. Not all vaccinations can be provided by your G.P. and therefore you may be required to get these privately or to travel to get these.

After your vaccinations you will be free to jet off onto your desired holiday and enjoy your time away. While viruses may not be a threat to you anymore, it is important that you stay safe and plan for any unforeseen health problems by taking with you a first-aid kid.

This is a guest post from the harley street resource where you can learn more about travel health and the vaccinations you need before travelling abroad.

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