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Preparing For Your Road Trip This Summer

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Summer is approaching, which is the ultimate season for road trips to visit friends and explore new places you’ve never been before. While a road trip may seem like something that should be spontaneous and unpredictable, there are still a few things that you should do to prepare in order to avoid any “bumps” along the way. From mapping out a plan to taking your car to the closest Ford, Toyota, or Chevrolet Service Center, it’s important to prepare these things to ensure your trip this summer is the most enjoyable. Whether you have a destination in mind or are simply taking a cruise to visit a new place with a bit uncertainty, a little bit of planning can only do good.

Map it Out
Half the fun of a road trip is the uncertainty of where you’ll end of next. However, a teensy bit of planning never hurt anyone and you’ll thank yourself later if you find yourself lost or in a rut with a blown tire. While it may seem a bit old school, be sure to keep a few maps on you in case you lose cell phone service or your phone or GPS dies at the most inconvenient time. Even if you have a destination in mind, such as a musical festival (Bonaroo, anyone?) or are visiting a friend, it’s also important to have a map handy just in case all else fails.

Take Care of Your Car Beforehand
Most people fail to recognize small problems with their car that often become BIG problems at the most inconvenient time… such as a road trip. Make sure you bring your car to your local Ford, Toyota, or Chevrolet Service Center to get things checked out. See when you’re due for your next oil change and get it done in advance if necessary… would you rather spend a few extra bucks now or a lot of extra money later on when you find that your car dies in the middle of the highway in another state?

Pack Smartly
You may think you’re “living on the edge” by packing lightly or departing with just the clothes on your back, but in reality, you’ll thank yourself later when you have extra food, water, and clothing with you in your trunk.  Pack what you need plus a bit extra depending on where you’re going, and if you have the room… you’ll thank yourself later.

Summer road trips are a great way to have fun with friends and explore new places, but it’s also important to plan to ensure your trip is enjoyable!

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