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What Power Cords & Adapters Will You Need When Traveling Around

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What Power Cords & Adapters Will You Need When Traveling

What Power Cords & Adapters Will You Need When Traveling Around: Although technological advancements are helping the world become a lot smaller, there are a number of major differences between countries. Electrical standardization is one of these. Because of this, traveling from one country to another can be very frustrating when people need to use an electronic device.

Although this difference is not a big deal, it can make a number of things such as electrical clocks run slower or faster. With a few exceptions such as South Africa and Brazil, alternating current is the most common method used to deliver electricity. However, people should be aware that some countries do use direct current. Operating an AC appliance with a DC power cord can easily destroy it because it was not made to use that system. Because of this, there are several electronic devices that an individual should use when traveling abroad.


An adapter is simply a connector that helps change the plug shape in order to match the outlet. It does not alter the electrical output or voltage in any way. People who are going to a country where the only difference between their appliance and the electrical system is the plug set will only need an adapter.

A number of items usually come with the capability to use either 220 volts or 110 volts right out of the box. In fact, many computers are now equipped with smart power supplies that can be switched between the two. Common adapters that are available on the market include two plug and three plug adapters.

Converter Kits and Adapters

Converters and adapters that are packed together make a very easy solution for a traveler who is planning to visit multiple countries that have different electrical outlets. Usually, only non-grounded adapters are included in an adapter and converter kit.

Due to this, it is important for people to make sure that they purchase grounded adapters as well if they are planning to use grounded or three prong appliances. They should also double check the wattage of their appliances to make sure that they choose the right transformer and converter.

Advantages of Adapters

Electrical plug adapters are typically needed when a person travels to different countries. These enable appliances to connect to any kind of electrical outlet in different parts of the world. This is done by altering the pin configuration on their power plug.

At the same time, people may find that electrical outlets in different countries need rounded pins, have three angled input slots or are recessed into the walls. Additionally, power cord for American appliances will not easily fit into these types of outlets. With this, adapters come in very handy when traveling in other countries.


Although they have a number of advantages, an adapter does not have the capability to change the voltage found in an electrical system. This is one of the reasons why people may need to bring a voltage transformer or converter when traveling overseas. Using a 110-volt appliance in a 220 volt electrical source can damage the electronic device because it was not designed to handle the current.

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