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Looking To Kick Those Winter Blues?

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Year opens up many different genres for travel enthusiasts. You can ski down a mountain, hike comfortably through forest terrain or lavish on a beach in the tropical heat. Summer trips are too limiting for true adventure lovers. Now is the time to book vacation rentals for that winter trip you’ve been dreaming about all summer long.

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Lake Tahoe, Nevada

A vacation package at Lake Tahoe combines luxury, entertainment and winter fun. This resort area spans the borders of California and Nevada. As a skiing locale, it offers weather that is not too brisk, but with plenty of powder. On average, skiing arenas like Squaw Valley and Heavenly Valley see as much as 400 inches each season.

Indoor vacationers can enjoy some gaming while visiting Lake Tahoe. The north shore hosts casinos such as the one once owned by Frank Sinatra. The south side resorts offer games and top of the line entertainment, as well.

Lake Tahoe is a favorite among the celebrity set. During the winter months, the resorts sponsor events, concerts, film premieres and parades that draw people in from all over the world.

Florida Keys

Nothing says get out of the cold like a vacation in the Florida Keys. This series of tiny islands in the southernmost region of the state maintain temperatures in the 80’s all year. This is the place to go if you want beach time, snorkeling, scuba diving, para sailing and other water adventures. Visitors ride mopeds from one island to the next to shop and enjoy the eclectic activities. You can spend all night taking in the attractions and fun at the Duval Street carnival while eating seafood and listening to live music.

Key West also is a cultural attraction for many travelers. It was home to Ernest Hemingway, and the focus of Jimmy Buffet songs.

Costa Rica

The beaches of Costa Rica call out to travelers enduring the snow and cold. This Central American destination is mostly surrounded by water with the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea on the east. Costa Rica sits between eight and 12 degrees north of the Equator. This brings the country tropical climates all year round. When you tire of tanning on the beach, take in the biodiversity of Costa Rica riding zip lines from tree to tree on one of the abundant canopy trails.

Vacation rentals during peak months in the summer will cost you. To save money and get a break from the ice and snow of home, consider winter travel to some exciting destinations.

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