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Knowing Consumers Rights: Assessing Factors When Getting Sporting Holidays Tour

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Many customers do suffer the consequences of their actions due to not paying attention to details. When choosing for a package, one must be very careful because there are too many choices in the market. Some of them are not that comprehensive. As a customer, you have the right to protect yourself from being victimized by cunning travel agencies.


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Here is a list of tips that you can make use when you are about to go for sporting holidays:

  • License. Every travel agency that is dependable should have license for operation. You can’t just deal with a travel agency under the table because that will put your visa under jeopardy when you are caught by the immigration. Make sure that the package you have is comprehensive enough is backed by insurance.
  • Reviews. If you are signing up for something, you will not sign up for something with bad history, aren’t you? Through looking at the reviews of previous customers, you can determine if the holiday package provided by the agency is dependable or not. It is important that you listen to feedback whenever you use a certain service.
  • ATOL protected. Getting tickets for your sports travel is not just getting tickets alone. There are other processes behind it. It should be ATOL protected so that whenever there is insolvency on your plane ticket provider, you will be refunded. The purpose of the ATOL certificate is to provide you with a refund that you have paid during the booking period once something happened to your flight schedule. This will ensure that you will not be stranded in a foreign land.


Why there is a need to secure a dependable tour


Nobody wants to travel with so many inconveniences. If your tickets and schedules are messed up, you might end up being stranded abroad. As a result, you need to stay in a hotel which you need to pay for yourself. Before paying your package tour provider, you should make sure that everything is insured and backed by ATOL certification. Most of all, you should always check the terms and agreement. The question is what will happen if your travel agency was not able to provide the service as stated in the agreement.

For example, you flew to Australia for cricket holidays West Indies 2014 series and you were able to experience flight alterations and inconvenient arrangements. As a customer, you will always have the right to claim for refund because you were not satisfied. You can always report and file a claim against the travel agency. Of course, when you do this, you need to base everything in the terms and agreement. You must list down all the things that were not provided by the agency so you can get all the refund. Once you shell out cash, make sure that it goes to the right provider or else it will give you inconvenience which is time consuming.

What are the possible ways to protect your sports travel tours package


Protecting yourself while on the sports tour should be the top priority that you should make sure you have. Getting sports travel insurance will basically cover all the medical cost, premature flights, missing luggage, liability and accidents. This will give you a guarantee that you are given importance by the service provider. Whenever you make a transaction with the agency processing your sports travel, make sure that you highlight the insurance.

When you will meet accidents overseas or outside Europe, always remember that you cannot use your UK health insurance as the other countries have their own system of insurance coverage as well. With the travel insurance you have provided by the travel agency, you are secured that you will not shell out extra cash while abroad.

If you bring along valuables like jewelries and gadgets, you might want to consider those items to be insured too. Travel insurance will offer you different levels of security so it’s up to you which one you will purchase. Whether your international rugby holiday destination is Australia or Hong Kong, you are confident that you are insured no matter what happens. Paying for travel holiday tour means you have the right to complain if the service is not satisfactory based on the agreements signed by both parties. Know your rights as a customer so you will not be taken advantage.

John Thomas is an tour operator and thoroughly recommends a sports tour holiday for your next holiday away.

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