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High Altitude Thrills: Hampta Pass Trekking Expedition

by Abhishek Kumawat
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Hampta Pass Trekking


Nestled in the picturesque Himachal Pradesh region of India, the Hampta Pass Trek is a captivating adventure that takes you through diverse landscapes, from lush forests to barren landscapes and pristine meadows. This expedition guide will provide you with an in-depth look at the Hampta Pass Trek, highlighting the breathtaking vistas, challenging terrains, and the unique experiences that await intrepid trekkers.

The Journey Begins

The trek commences in Manali, a popular hill station in Himachal Pradesh. After a scenic drive to Jobra, trekkers embark on their journey through the dense pine forests. The cool mountain air and the sound of gushing streams accompany you as you tread along the clear trails. The day’s trek concludes at Chika, a serene campsite by the river, surrounded by lush greenery.

Nature’s Bounty

Day 2 sees trekkers making their way to Balu Ka Ghera, a mesmerizing landscape characterized by expansive meadows, dotted with wildflowers. The dramatic change in scenery is a treat for the senses. The Rani Nallah, a pristine glacial water stream, flows alongside, providing trekkers with a refreshing natural water source.

The Ascent

The third day is marked by the steady ascent to Shea Goru. The landscape gradually transforms from verdant meadows to a more rocky and barren terrain. The ascent is challenging but highly rewarding, as you ascend further into the pristine wilderness. The mighty Hampta River flows in the vicinity, its roar serving as a constant reminder of the grandeur of nature.

Crossing Hampta Pass

The highlight of the expedition arrives on Day 4 as trekkers conquer the Hampta Pass. At 14,100 feet above sea level, this is a feat worth celebrating. On one side, the lush Kullu Valley stretches out in all its glory, while on the other, the Spiti Valley unveils a starkly contrasting but equally magnificent landscape.

The descent from Hampta Pass to Sia Goru is a steep one, and trekkers must tread carefully to ensure a safe journey. The path is littered with snow and ice, presenting an additional challenge. Nevertheless, the experience is unparalleled as you witness the transition from snow-covered landscapes to a more arid environment.

Spiti Valley Beckons

The trekking party proceeds to Chatru, located in the Spiti Valley. The terrain shifts yet again, as the lush greenery is replaced by a high-altitude desert. Chatru is the confluence point of Hampta and Spiti rivers, and trekkers can relax by the campfire and enjoy the mesmerizing starry night skies.

The Final Stretch

On Day 6, the final leg of the journey takes trekkers to Chandratal, the “Moon Lake.” This pristine lake is surrounded by high mountains and is named for its crescent shape. Trekkers can choose to camp by the lake, enjoying the tranquility and serenity of the remote location. The reflections of the surrounding mountains on the crystal-clear waters of Chandratal are a sight to behold.

Return to Manali

The last day of the expedition involves a drive back to Manali, concluding this unforgettable journey. Trekkers can savor the memories and experiences of the Hampta Pass Trek as they make their way back to civilization.

Unique Experiences

Flora and Fauna: The trek provides opportunities to spot various species of Himalayan flora and fauna, including the Himalayan marmot, ibex, and numerous bird species.

Camp Life: Camping in the midst of pristine natural surroundings is an experience like no other. The nightly campfires, under the star-studded sky, create lasting memories.

Cultural Encounters: The trek exposes you to the unique culture of the region, including interactions with the local people and a taste of their traditional cuisine.

Photography Paradise: The trek offers countless opportunities for photographers, from lush meadows to rugged terrain and breathtaking mountain vistas.

Chandratal Lake: The crescent-shaped Chandratal Lake is a surreal destination where you can relax and reflect on the journey while being surrounded by majestic peaks.


Altitude: The trek involves ascending to altitudes over 14,000 feet, which can cause altitude sickness in some trekkers. Acclimatization is essential.

Weather: Weather conditions can be unpredictable, and the terrain can be challenging, especially during the descent from Hampta Pass.

Physical Fitness: The trek demands a good level of physical fitness, as the paths are often steep and rocky.


The Hampta Pass Trek is a thrilling adventure that takes trekkers on a transformative journey through diverse landscapes, from lush meadows to high-altitude deserts, culminating in the breathtaking views from Hampta Pass. It offers unique cultural experiences and encounters with the pristine natural beauty of the Himachal region. While challenging, the trek is an unforgettable and rewarding experience, leaving trekkers with lasting memories of their high-altitude adventure in the Indian Himalayas.

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