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Getaway Out Of The Way

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Summer has certain charms: longer days, lazier afternoons, cool relaxing drinks. But one of our favorite things to do is hide away from the rigors and responsibilities that surround our daily lives. Sometimes, we need a summer getaway that isn’t a sweltering theme park or an overcrowded beach. Sometimes, we need a true getaway. Who wouldn’t want to actually surprise their coworkers when they ask where we went on our trip? For once, wouldn’t you want to come back rested, refreshed and content with your trip? Of course. Here are a few ideas to make that happen this summer vacation.

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Charming Hamlets

With all of its Middle America nostalgia, the town of Branson, Missouri offers an incredibly unique experience to the out-of-towner. It combines southern charm with a touch of history, excellent showmanship and its gorgeous Ozark surroundings. From the nearby Silver Dollar City Wild West reenactments to the A-class performances by Hollywood stars, and various museums to outdoor adventures, there can be something for everyone. In fact, hotels in Branson, Missouri offer a range of experiences as well. But above all, it’s the fact that the town is more hidden than other destinations, which is why and how it maintains its charm.

Nature’s Calling

Get away from it all. Whether you’re ducking out to the Ozark Mountains while you’re in Branson, or hiking for a few hours in your neighborhood, it’s incredibly refreshing to get in touch with the land around you. The sights, the sounds, the smells of the Great Outdoors can provide an incredibly rejuvenating experience for humans. It’s no secret that we live in an over-stimulated, over-technological world and getting back in touch with nature is paramount for maintaining a healthy mind and soul. And if and when you do decide to step out, do yourself a favor and leave your smart phone in the car.

The Staycation

The dreaded stay-at-home vacation! Why is it so avoided? Sometimes, all we need is a little relaxation in our own, familiar space. For all those trips that leave us tired and stressed out (and occasionally jetlagged), the staycation is often envied once it’s all said and done. If you’re afraid of “wasting” your entire vacation time at home, split it up. Spend some time on the couch in between some long weekends away. You’ll be happy with the carefree mornings and all those fun things you never get to on weekdays, but you’ll also get the excitement of ducking out for a weekend at the lake.

The Open Road

As Americans, we have a unique zeal for road trip. And it’s no wonder why. The vast majority of us (sorry Hawaii & Alaska) can hop in the car and not only experience other states, but drastically different landscapes and climates – all in less than a day’s travel. But the journey is just as important as the destination. Aside from giant balls of yarn and other roadside attractions, the scenery along such routes as the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Pacific Coast Highway is awesome to behold. For a refreshing, incredible trip, look away from your interstate and head out on the open road.

Packing it All In

It’s important not to overbook your vacation, and to recognize what is the right destination for your traveling companions. If you’re looking for a charming American town with plenty of attractions, search hotels in Branson, Missouri, and have a blast. For something more local, try out a staycation and settle in. Each trip has its own benefits and depending on how you approach it. These trips can have lasting positive effects on your mental health. We all need a break once in a while; it’s time you took yours.

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