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Four Airplanes Perfect For New Pilots

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Aviation is a wonderful field to go into for those individuals who have a love for flying. Although there are numerous types of aircraft to choose from, four airplanes in particular, are absolutely perfect for newbie pilots. Many beginner pilots prefer two-seater, single engine planes to start off with but there are those who prefer to go bigger.

Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Photo Credit: gynti_46

The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is a single engine that gives the most bang for the buck. This luxurious, mid-size plane comfortably seats four passengers and rides smooth as silk. There have been well over fifty thousand Cessna Sky Hawks built since 1956. The average price for one of these birds will run around $50,000 give or take. With a 180 horse powered engine, the sky is limitless.

Beech Skipper 77

Photo Credit: Chris Kennedy

Next is the Beech Skipper 77 and this airplane is perfect for those just starting out. Beechcraft’s are the oldest aircraft ever produced and although they are not high in demand they are an excellent alternative for those who want something easy to maintain and are reasonable in price. This starter plane cost around $20,000 and can go all the way up to $35,000.

Today, Beech Skipper 77’s are used for touring but more often than not they are used for training purposes because they are easier to maneuver with light controls for flying.

Cessna 150

Photo Credit: Arnold Pier

Another aircraft great for new pilots is the Cessna 150. These planes are especially easy on the pocket. They usually start off at a whopping $15,000 and are also easy to maintain. The Cessna also has simple systems and this air beauty is not only used for training and personal use but also for entertaining through aerobatics. This airplane was originally designed in the early 1950’s and there have been thousands of these models created. Due to its simplicity, the Cessna 150 is easy to fly and is considered the most highly used aircraft for beginners.

Diamond DA 20 Eclipse

Photo Credit: Antonio Doblado

Lastly, for those new pilots who are not concerned about costs and would like something a little flashier, then the Diamond DA 20 Eclipse is the way to go. This glorious two seater air toy is incredible for flying. It has a 125 horse power engine and runs magnificently in the air. The DA 20 is unlike any other aircraft because it has a sporty make up and appears to look like a Lamborghini with thirty-five foot wings attached. This air beauty will start somewhere around $80,000 and up but is worth every penny.

As you can see there are an array of airplanes out there to choose from it just depends on the style one is looking, the price range they are trying to stay within, as well as the use of the plane. Either way, any of these planes would be perfect for new pilots.

Carson received his pilot license over two years ago and flies a Diamond DA 20 Eclipse. To find really good deals on pilot gear & supplies check out www.PilotMall.com

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