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Five Reasons It’s Time To Move Out Of The City

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Move Out Of The City

Five Reasons It’s Time To Move Out Of The City: City life can be very exciting, it’s fast-paced, always busy and you’re never short of something to do. Most of us head to the city as youngsters in search of an exciting new life, but things can change dramatically in a short time and many of us can outgrow the city sooner than we expected. Here are five reasons why you might be ready to move on to a quieter life.

You’re Always Tired

City life can be exhausting, it’s true that cities never sleep and this can sometimes be the case for you also! Studies show that people living in the city get ten hours less sleep a week than those living in the countryside. Living in a busy and lively city means you will also feel busy and lively, leaving less time for sleeping.

You Never Walk Anywhere Anymore

Spending some time outdoors is good for everyone, out in the fresh air with nature, what could be better? In the city, you probably find nothing is within walking distance, even though you initially presumed everything would be on your doorstep. You have to get a bus or a tube everywhere you go, which can become expensive and tiresome, not to mention time-consuming.

You Haven’t Seen Grass In Three Months

The ‘Concrete jungle’ can seem very exciting when you first arrive. But shortly you will become tired of grey and wish to see some green once in a while. If you haven’t seen grass in three months or more, it’s time to leave, even if just for a short while.

Your Rent Is More Than Your Wage

Hopefully, this isn’t true for anyone, but rent in cities is incredibly expensive, and often living space is very small. For a similar price, you could live in a house twice the size, possibly even with a garden! Perhaps it’s time to give those London removal companies a call and hall your stuff over to a bigger greener place.

You Are Beginning To Hate People

Being surrounded by people 23/7 can really start to grate on you. On the tube you’re squashed against them, in the street the people walking too slow get in your way, the people walking too fast barge past you. It can become very tiresome. If you feel like you are starting to detest the human race, once again, it’s time to pick up the phone to the London removal companies and move to the countryside.

Eilidh MacRae works for Capital Moves, a London removals company. Share your view on “Five Reasons It’s Time To Move Out Of The City” in the comment section below.

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