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Embrace Exploration On Your Next Holiday

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There are many different types of holiday. Often, we go with the most common types without really thinking about it. After a hard stint of work, it can seem really appealing to just go and sit on a beach and do nothing. However, for many of us, that quickly palls and we find ourselves fidgety and unsatisfied, yearning for something to do.

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Then there are activity holidays, like skiing. Although they can entail a great deal of physical effort, they can be strangely relaxing because you burn off a large amount of nervous energy. Also, with skiing and après ski dominating your thoughts, it can feel like more of a break, whereas sitting with nothing to do, your thoughts might wander back to your working life.

City breaks offer something in between. You have sights to see and can keep yourself occupied, but they are less physically wearing than a full-on activity holiday. You might get sore feet from tramping about, but you might also get better weather. However, this too can become boring after a few days. There is only so much sightseeing a person can do before they start to lose a little bit of enthusiasm. If the buildings or artworks aren’t quite as impressive as yesterday, it’s easy to feel a little dissatisfied.

A final option is to take a holiday in which you are free to move about. By hiring a camper van or similar instead of staying in a hotel, you gain the ability to go wherever you please. This means that whatever you fancy doing, you can do it and if one place is becoming familiar, you can simply move on. All of this can be accomplished with minimal disruption as well, because all your belongings are with you as you drive.

Camper vans also allow you to get to places you otherwise might not visit. You can head out into the remote Scottish Highlands and experience the scenery and isolation without having to worry about where you’re staying. If you’re a keen cyclist, you could also take bikes with you and go and explore on two wheels. Some of the best roads for cycling are away from urban areas, so you can plan a route and head out for the day, ticking off a few significant hill climbs along the way.

Choosing the right holiday is difficult and we tend to learn by trial error, but don’t assume that relaxation can only take one form. There are several ways to experience a refreshing break.

Cam Metcalf plans on strapping his road bike to one of the vehicles available from campervanhire.co.uk

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