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Cruise Your Way To A Top Vacation

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Cruise Ships – Photo Credit: Winsome

Romance, a retreat or relaxation; which motivator has you hunting around online for a holiday?

Contrary to popular belief cruising isn’t just a pastime for old aged pensioners looking to listen and reminisce about sixties music and “the good old days”. It’s now extremely popular for almost all personality types and personal situations with specialist couples cruises, family cruises and cruises specifically for single people now available. With something therefore to appeal to almost everyone we take a look at the most popular reasons to cruise and which stereotypical group they apply to.

Those looking for Retreat!
Holidays are absolutely wonderful…but they can be stressful. For young families therefore and a mum and dad that desperately need some down time, a vacation where the food, the accommodation, the day excursions and the schedule are all pre-planned and sorted for you can bring welcome relief and allow you to retreat back into yourself and just observe for a change rather than being on the front line and at the mercy of your little ones…

Those looking to Explore!
Ok ok…we cheated, this isn’t one of the above named three and it certainly doesn’t begin with “R”, it is a wonderful component of cruising though so we’ll let ourselves off! Another beauty of a cruise is you can choose to hibernate on the ship or you can have a different and exciting adventure every day. With cruises such as those in the Caribbean you cover the entire country in one ten day holiday meaning you visit a totally different place both with regards to the culture of the locals and the look of the scenery every day – perfect for those that get bored easily.

Those looking for Romance!
Our good friend romance coupled with a word that makes us want to laugh and cry in equal measure…or run for the nearest bucket. One of the best ways to spend some quality time with your loved one is by visiting another country with them. One of the best things to do when you’re there consequently is eat, drink and be sickeningly romantic. A cruise will offer you a wealth of different food, flavours, wines and spirits to try even on board let alone when you make port for the day. Therefore forego the investigations and scouring the area for the best place to eat and get it right first time – or never even leave the cruise port!

Those looking to Relax!
Children are the future; they are innocent, pure even adorable yet additionally loud, disgusting and inconsiderate all at once! If you’ve had a hellish six months at work and want to sail languidly along the seas of your chosen destination with only adults for company and sounds of the ocean to replace the shrill screams of toddlers then you need to opt for a child free ship when picking your cruise – yes they do exist, and yes, they are a God send.

In addition to the above there are numerous other situations in which a cruise can prove the perfect holiday environment and of course, as with any excursion or trip you can look to Trip Advisor to see what others that have had the experience think and say.

Lucy has just discovered cruising having enjoyed a beautiful trip to the Caribbean – she can confirm it is as good as it looks in the movies and really is a wonderful way to see a new country!

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