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A Once in a Lifetime Holiday: Chartering a Yacht

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What is it that makes a holiday special? For some it may mean celebrating a special occasion, one that will make them remember the destination and every detail of their journey for years to come.

An anniversary or birthday enjoyed while on holiday will make for unforgettable memories of any locale. And who can forget the place where they became engaged to their soul mate? The romantic landscape of Paris or a sultry tropical island will forever remain in your mind if it involved  saying ‘yes’ to spending the rest of your life with that special someone.

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Others seek out a unique holiday getaway by striving to experience something new and different. Exotic destinations featuring new and exciting scenery, foreign culture and refreshing sights will easily make for an interesting escape from it all.

There are many seasoned travellers in the world. However one holiday not many can say they’ve experienced is enjoying uninterrupted time on the water. While many holidays include short day trips on a yacht or small boat, there is nothing quite like waking to the sea to inspire true relaxation.

Have you ever considered chartering a yacht for your holiday with family or friends? You may be surprised to discover that it’s an excellent decision. Plus, it may be much easier than you ever dreamed.

While the mention of the word yacht may conjure up images of celebrities or the luxuriously wealthy lounging on enormous ships, smaller yachts are available for use by many sorts of travellers.

From adventurous lads to retirees, to extended families with small children and aging grandparents, a large number of people choose to spend their holidays aboard a chartered yacht.

Yachts can be extremely comfortable. Ample space for sleeping, well-equipped galleys for cooking and of course spacious decks ensure that you can admire the scenery and enjoy your company throughout your holiday.

Sailing a yacht requires only a simple proof of competency such as a sailing certificate or letter from a recognised yacht club. So, if a bareboat charter is right for you, you’ll just need to be sure that you or someone in your party is qualified. Alternatively, you can contract a crewed yacht to take you anywhere you’d like to go.

The best aspect of chartering a yacht may be the surprisingly low fees you can expect to pay. Companies like LateSail offer discounted yacht charters to many desirable destinations in Europe, the Caribbean, and wordwide.

Whether your holiday wishes include warm sunny beaches or picturesque views of foggy mountains, a chartered yacht provides the perfect venue.

Imagine the glassy surface of the sea, infinite views of glowing sunsets and sunrises, and a cosy berth to rock you to sleep. A chartered yacht offers something out of the ordinary that will create lifetime memories.

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