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7 Tips For Avoiding An Accident When Driving Cross Country

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Avoiding An Accident When Driving Cross Country

Avoiding An Accident When Driving Cross Country: So, you’re planning to drive cross country? Great idea: the open road, scenic highways and byways, and the sense of accomplishment that comes with driving all those miles, are all compelling reasons to take on the challenge. With a few simple precautions and some planning you can put yourself in a position to log all those miles in safety and comfort. These 7 tips to will help make sure your travel log has a happy ending!

1. Start Well Rested, Stay Well Rested: Get a good night’s sleep and start out early in the morning. Don’t spend a long day packing and preparing, then collapse exhausted behind the wheel to begin your trip. Be prepared, get some rest, and set a good tone for the trip. Repeat each day.

2. Plan Your Route: You’ll have an easier time of it if you plan out your travels in advance. Map out your route and if you have a GPS, program it in. Also it is helpful to plan your time around area traffic patterns. If you’re approaching a major metropolitan area at 5 p.m., stop for an early dinner, avoid the bumper to bumper and the stressed commuters, and finish up the day’s driving after the traffic clears. However, you know what they say about the best laid plans, so…

3. Be Flexible : Yes, we just said to map out your route so you’ll have a plan you can stick to. But when you’re driving through unfamiliar territory something is bound to come up. If the weather turns sour, or for any other reason it seems unwise to push on, don’t. You can use your extra downtime to amend your schedule and be back on track when conditions improve.

4. Obey the Speed Limit: It just makes sense, and studies show that speeding increases your chance of being in an accident. You also don’t want to contribute to the coffers of local governments by paying speeding fines. Remember that police everywhere frown on the use of radar detectors.

5. Stay Alert: Shift your view frequently; don’t just lock in on the distant horizon! Pay attention to your surroundings and other vehicles on the road, and stay engaged. Driving a car is not a passive activity, and you are in control.

6. Go Easy on the Caffeine: Sure, it can help you to remain awake and alert, however there is a law of diminishing returns at work here. That eighth cup of coffee will not have the same effect as the first, so use sparingly. If you really feel yourself fading, find a safe spot to take a nap and think about stopping for a longer rest.

7. See Something Cool: Have you always wanted to visit Graceland, or to see the Grand Canyon? If your route takes you reasonably close to an appealing landmark, build in some time to see it. You’ll create a fond memory of the trip, and an intermediate destination creates a nice psychological boost by effectively breaking a trip into more manageable pieces.

You can have a wonderful, safe trip. The cross country road trip is a tradition almost as old as the automobile itself, and traveling this way gives you a sense of scope and distance that you simply can’t get from 30,000 feet. Enjoy the ride!

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