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Wanna Get Away?

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It has finally happened here in Colorado! The sun has been shining, spring snowstorms are a thing of the past and spending time outdoors no longer requires jackets and gloves. Kids are getting anxious waiting for summer vacation and as you might have noticed, it’s hard for adults to focus too. Looking for an excuse to get away? Look no further; here is a list of seven excuses to go on a weekend getaway.

The kids. Yes, you love them, unconditionally. But, everyone needs a break every once in a while. If you are pressed for time and cash, there are several options in the Rocky Mountains that will provide the perfect, short and affordable weekend getaway. Besides, don’t you remember how awesome it was to be a kid and have a babysitter that let you stay up past your bedtime and eat junk food? Your kids want that too. So do everyone a favor and plan a mini vacation.

The kids. Nope, that’s not a mistake. We meant to list this one again. You could also take them with you and go exploring nature’s beauty. Turn off their video games, get them away from the computer and spend some quality time together for a weekend. Especially if you don’t have the time to take the kids on a multi-week vacation this summer, weekend getaways are a perfect way for the whole family to bond.

You deserve a break. Several studies have shown that taking a break can do wonders for your health and your productivity. Life is stressful. Why not take a short weekend getaway to regroup and get some rest? You’ll be more productive when you return. You’ll also be in a better mood and everyone around you will appreciate it.

Life’s short. It’s true. While there are a lot of responsibilities we can’t skip out on, remember to take some time out and play. When you look back on your life 30 years from now do you think you’ll be really glad you mowed the lawn or do you think you’d be happier if you spent this weekend making memories on an awesome getaway?

Keep the romance alive. Relationships are tough and everyone has their ups and downs. What better way to get a relationship moving in the upward direction than to go on a romantic weekend getaway? For bonus points, make it a surprise. Weekend getaways aren’t as hard to keep secret as longer vacations. So pack your bags and find a nice romantic getaway for you and your special someone.

Your brain will thank you. Did you know that some of the best ideas for work come when we aren’t actually working? Imagine what a getaway would do for your noodle. And, taking a break actually helps refresh your brain cells so that you are more alert when you return.

Get some quiet time. Wifi is everywhere, it seems like everyone has a smartphone and you can’t remember the last time you went 30 minutes without checking Facebook. It’s time to let it go and unplug. Take a break. You can go a weekend without the internet. We promise. You’d be amazed at how relaxing it is to just enjoy the company of the people around. Remember books? You’ll love spending a weekend with them too.

So really, what’s your excuse not to take a weekend getaway? Your mood will improve as soon as you plan it because you will be looking forward to your trip. Start planning, now! The sooner you have it all planned out, the sooner you can go. Your family, friends, colleagues and your more relaxed and chilled out self will thank you.

Ed Michelson is an out door expert and enthusist at Summit Cove Resorts.

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