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The War Of The Wines

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The War Of The Wines

War Of The Wines: Red, white or rose? The eternal debate. Trends change, tastes mature and curiosity gets the better of confused individuals propping up the bar or roaming bewilderedly down the supermarket drinks’ aisle. Which colour wine is best? Is one colour in fact better than the others or is it merely an urban myth spun by a clever marketing ploy? There are so many questions and so much information surrounding the world of wine but no definitive answer; indeed, the issue may never be cleared up. One thing is for certain though, the wines are at war.

So how can we satisfy our curiosity as well as our taste buds and how do we stop the bottles warring in their wine rack? Well, the simplest answer would be to say we can’t – personal preference will always be the ultimate decider and as such, will ensure no formal conclusion is ever made. However, it might be useful to compare the three wines and see if an objective review sheds any light on which wine wins.

Round 1: Taste

White Wine, War Of The Wines

Red Wine

Red wines have a richer flavour being made from darker grapes (black and dark red) – including skins – and fermented for two weeks. The robust taste is unmistakable and is the reason the wine is used so often in cooking, to add flavour to rich sauces, as well as drinking mulled. A typical glass will be around 85 calories.

White Wine

White wines tend to be fresher and fruitier with a light, crisp taste. They are made with skinless, seedless white grapes and undergo more processes during fermentation to ensure they stay light. White wines are often used in spritzers, mixed with ice and lemonade or soda to give an even lighter, more refreshing taste. A typical glass will be around 82 calories.

Rose Wine

Rose wines are a compromise; the colour of a very pale red and the light, fruity taste of a white. They are often infused or fermented near other flavour components (grapefruit, melon, and other fruits are popular) to enhance the aroma and give a more interesting taste. A typical glass will be around 83 calories.

Round 2: Health

Rose Wine, War Of The Wines

There has been a lot of research conducted on alcohol, wine in particular, to discover any potential health benefits or problems gained from drinking any colour. The research all seems to suggest that wine, in moderation, is beneficial to health but some contradictory claims have been made in the past. There are more details on wine and health at Live Strong.

Red Wine

Enjoying Wine

Red wine has long been praised for its health benefits. It has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It also increases the amount of HDL (good) cholesterol and aids circulation to reduce the risk of blood clots.

White Wine

The University of Barcelona did a study that found white wine contained more antioxidants than red wine. Also, the University Of Connecticut School Of Medicine conducted research that suggested white wine has properties that help to protect the heart against ageing.

Rose wine

Rose wine has the same benefits as red wine, including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, also helping the heart and cholesterol.

Round 3: Associations

According to The Daily Mail (Dailymail) there are certain personality traits and demographic features associated with the different types of wine colour:

Red wine drinkers:

  • Earn £40-45,000
  • Are happily married
  • Holiday abroad
  • Confident, relaxed, strong, intelligent
  • Drink four glasses a week

White wine drinkers:

  • Earn £25-30,000
  • Are happily single
  • Holiday in the UK
  • Practical, bright, shy, quiet
  • Drink three glasses a week

Rose wine drinkers:

  • Earn £30,000
  • Happily in an unmarried relationship
  • Enjoy social networking
  • Loud, warm, charming

Drinking Wine

Drink Two Glasses A Week

The comparisons show the wines to be at similar levels as far as health is concerned, they do however differ in terms of taste, which will inevitably impact an individual’s choice of “best” wine. It also appears that trends and stereotypical associations with wine play a part in determining their popularity. Certain social sets and settings will call for certain drinks and things like marketing, peer pressure and social environment/lifestyle will further guide a person’s choice. Unfortunately, with so many variables, you cannot pick a definitive winner and you cannot end the War of the Wines. What you can do is go to your wine rack, grab a bottle and ease the tension between them all.

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