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8 DIY Tips To Secure Your Home For Summer Vacation

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The summer traveling season has arrived, and people across the country are loading up the bags and heading out for vacation. Whether you are going across the country or to a local attraction, you want to make sure your house is secure when you will be gone for a while. Here are eight tips to help you secure your home for summer vacation.

1. Hold all Deliveries

Nothing screams “vacant house” like a stack of newspapers in the yard and mail overflowing at the curb. Call these providers and have the services held.

2. Tricky Timers

Invaders are tricky, and they will pay attention to what’s going on in a home. If they never see lights come on or off, then it’s a safe bet the house is vacant. However, you c an be smarter by putting key electronics on timers. Have the lights come on in the evening, and let the TV turn on for a few hours in the morning to your favorite news channel. Set timers throughout the house to complete the illusion that you are actually home. You can also leave the radio tuned to a talk channel while you are gone.

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3. Curb Appeal

Put motion-sensored lights around the house to deter intruders. Take a walk around the house before the trip to make sure hedges are properly trimmed and there are no tree branches extending near upper-floor windows. Make sure there’s a car in the driveway. If you are taking yours, then ask your neighbor to leave one of theirs out front so intruders will think someone is home.

4. Cut the Grass

Arrange to have your lawn mowed to avoid having it grow too high and alert burglars that are you are not home. You will also appreciate not having to cut the grass as soon as you return.

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5. Do Not Talk about the Trip on Social Media

Never talk about a pending trip on social media. Wait until you return home to share the pictures and great memories. This way, you can more easily limit the number of people who know you will be gone.

6. Give a Friend a Key

Even if you don’t have pets to consider, you should still give a good friend a key and ask them to check on the house. Having someone stop by will give you peace of mind, and it will also help your house look lived-in while you are gone.

7. Extra Security on Doors and Windows

Make sure that doors and windows are locked tight. If you have extra security locks, set them before you leave. Put a tightly-fitted broom handle in the sliding patio door to make that door harder to enter through.

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8. Think Security System

Security systems are excellent deterrents, and you can enjoy your vacation more knowing that someone is watching out for the house. If you don’t have the money to invest in a system, then at least get a sign for the yard. Sometimes, just thinking there is an alarm on the home is enough to keep burglars away.

When you are planning your summer vacation, don’t forget to consider the security of your own home (especially if you own a luxury home like in Southampton Village, NY). The best solution may be to have a trusted friend come and stay at the house while you are gone, but that’s not always possible. Use these tips to make your home look lived-in while you are gone and help keep the intruders away.

Ben Sawyer often blogging about house safety and home decor, based on his own experience.

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