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No-Fail Foods To Carry In Your Luggage When You Go Cruising

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Whether you are going on a five day cruise or will be gone several weeks, you should really plan on packing some of your own, favorite foods to take you. You certainly do not want to pack anything that can break in your suitcase, spoil or damage your clothing, but there are a few ideas that work well when you need to pack something familiar. Having some of your own food available for those days when you do not desire a lot of social interactions or are not interested in trying new foods that may or may not appeal to you, is always a great idea. Sometimes, a bit of privacy and alone time with your belongings and your own food are what you may need to relax and truly enjoy your vacation.

Chips and candies will go a long, long way

Pack foods in containers that are going to keep your food from being crushed or breaking; chips or candies that come in hard containers are always a great idea. These will save you in so many times than you can imagine especially if you are travelling abroad where you’re not familiar with their food.

Go freeze-dried

There are also a lot of dried products available that can quickly be converted to a great meal by just adding hot water. If you pack dried food, look for products that come in cans or hard containers so they are in great shape when you open them. If you have previously purchased foods from www.dailybread.com, you are already familiar with this system of dried foods that are great tasting, easy to prepare and come in durable containers. While these foods are advertised as insurance for emergencies, many people eat them regularly and already know that they are quick, delicious and easy to prepare.

Here are some sample freeze-dried foods that you can buy online:

  • green peas, green beans, sweet corn, brocolli florets
  • diced chicken, ground beef, sausage crumbles, diced turkey, diced ham
  • strawberries, sliced bananas, peaches, pineapple chunks, raspberries, cinnamon apples
  • white rice, ice cream sandwiches
  • chocolate royale, white milk substitute, chocolate milk, orange drink mix, apple drink mix
  • vegetarian plans
  • gluten plans

Pack something from home

Whenever you travel, there comes a time when you just need to separate yourself from the hustle and bustle and stimulation of exotic or foreign places. Ready-to-eat foods in sturdy containers from home can come in handy for those times when it is nice to be alone. When on a cruise, don’t forget to pack some of your own food for times when you need a bit of solitude and a reminder of home.

Sandy Barnes is a writer and editor and frequently writes for www.dailybread.com

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