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Which City Offers The Best Retirement Communities?

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Retirement is the end goal of most working Americans. However, when someone finally retires from the workforce they often choose to move to a city that caters to the needs of retirees. Choosing which city can be a rough decision for some retirees because there is so much to keep in mind when choosing a place to live. There’s the weather and entertainment, as well as the location, how close it is to friends and family, and how much money it will cost to live there. There’s also the personal tastes of each individual, what they like and places they consider ideal. However, one of the best cities to retire to is Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

What Makes Harrisburg So Special?

Harrisburg boasts a lot of features that make it an ideal community for retirees. For one thing it has a lovely cityscape, including a riverfront park that stretches for miles, a modern sky line, historic districts and plenty of activities going on throughout the community. Part of the reason for the last is the proliferation of universities in the city, which ensures a constant supply of music, theater, sporting events and dozens of other things for city residents to come to see and do. No matter what someone wants to do in retirement, whether it’s spend time in the park, check out art galleries or just wander around town and spend time with friends, Harrisburg is a great destination.

Is It Affordable?

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is perhaps one of the most affordable cities in one of the most affordable states for retirees to go to when they leave the work force. With a median housing price of less than $115,000 in 2001, and a steady rate since then, it’s definitely affordable to live in that city. It also boasts a 6% sales tax, and at least according to the AARP there’s no state tax on social security. Additionally, there’s only a partial tax on pensions. So, with that said, Harrisburg is quite an attractive city for those who want to live somewhere nice, but who don’t want to pay through the nose for the privilege of doing so.

Is It That Much Better Than Anywhere Else?

Where someone lives is largely a matter of personal taste and their own, unique set of circumstances. For instance, if someone has a lot of money they he or she can decide where to retire to based almost solely on where they desire to be and what they want. On the other hand, someone with a security net in a given area might want to stay in that area just because they’re comfortable and find it reliable. Some people might have a definite idea of where they want to retire to, and they won’t want to settle for less. For those that are weighing the benefits versus the negatives of a place though, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is a city that can hold its own against anywhere else in the United States for what it offers retirees.

Karen Bolt is a guest blogger. Her interest in retirement communites led her to The Highlands Active Adult Community website in Tucson, AZ.

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