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Traveling Alongside Santa With Or Without Travel Insurance

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Traveling Alongside Santa

Traveling Alongside Santa With Or Without Travel Insurance: Traveling for the holidays can be fun and exciting, creating memories of exotic destinations. What happens, though, if you get hurt or your things are destroyed while you are away? Do you really want to do any holiday traveling without decent travel insurance? Before you go anywhere this holiday season, you need to sit down and do a serious travel insurance comparison: traveling with it and traveling without it.

Be Ready

When you travel with traveling insurance, you have a guarantee which follows you wherever you go. The list of coverage is quite extensive, including trip cancellation and interruption, emergency medical expenses, baggage delay, travel delay, missed connection and vehicle return benefit. You are covered, as well as your possessions, no matter where you may go.

But wait – you already have medical and homeowner’s insurance, right? Well, those insurances don’t always cover you while you’re away. Your homeowner’s insurance is not going to cover possessions outside your home. Your health insurance may not cover your expenses in a foreign hospital. A travel policy is designed to cover you on your travels, and you will set up specifics with your insurance agent. While your standard health insurance policy will cover you anywhere in your native country, you may need a separate policy for health concerns abroad.

Vacation Problems

If you think you won’t get hurt on vacation, think about the chances you take while you are away. You’re on vacation, so you naturally have more cash than usual. You are exploring new places and possibly taking chances you wouldn’t normally take in your daily routine. You may be hiking, swimming more, riding horses or motorbikes. These are new activities which are fun but could bring you harm. It’s better to be insured everywhere you go to avoid unnecessary fees.

What about the things you absolutely cannot control? Don’t you want your trip covered if the flight is canceled? How many times have you heard about poor wayward travelers stuck somewhere due to flight delays? If you’ve purchased the right travel insurance policy, you can recoup some of the money you’ve spent on your trip. Vacations are very expensive. If you can afford the extra insurance, you’ll have an extra guarantee that you won’t lose everything if something goes wrong.

On the flip side, traveler’s insurance can be very expensive. If you are on a limited income for your vacation, this type of insurance is not recommended. Additionally, there are a list of things which will void the policy. For example, if the hotel has a safe or security box and you don’t use it, your valuables may not be covered under the policy. If you plan to do anything

Travel Insurance


illegal on your trip, you can forget about the plan. There is no “get out of jail” free card attached to it. You also have to review the policy before you leave to make sure all your planned activities are covered. If you get hurt participating in skydiving and skydiving wasn’t covered on the insurance policy, you won’t get any insurance money. Finally, if you forgot to mention any pre-existing conditions or provide your insurance carrier with a medical clearance form, you risk voiding the policy. If anything happens to you due to a pre-existing condition, the insurance company does not necessarily have to pay up.

Comparing the ups and downs of holiday travel insurance depends greatly on your plans, your finances, your travel destination and your intentions while you are abroad. Make sure you understand all the fine print and review a few scenarios with your insurance carrier before finalizing any plans. Ask for options, such as removing any unnecessary parts of the policy to bring down the premium. Travel smart, travel safe, and purchase travel insurance if it is good fit for you and your traveling intentions.

Author Bio: Kevin Devoto is an avid outdoor enthusiast and freelance writer. He enjoys writing about sustainability, eco friendly behaviors and local travel. He has traveled all over the world but has taken a particular interest in our great National Parks. Share your thought on “Traveling Alongside Santa With Or Without Travel Insurance”.

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