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Tips On Choosing An Activity Holiday In The UK

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Owning such a diverse and beautiful landscape, the UK is a haven for exciting activity holidays set within the most stunning of surroundings. If you thinking about heading on an activity holiday in Britain sometime soon, you may want to take a look at the following tips on choosing an activity holiday in the UK.

London Underground, UK. Image source Flickr by Septimus Low

Ensure that all the guides are qualified

If you are booking an activity holiday in Great Britain, it is important that you make sure that the activity holiday company you are booking with prioritises its guest’s safety. One way of measuring how ‘safe’ an activity holiday company is, is to ensure that all the guides and instructors on the holiday have professional qualifications.
Asides making sure that all the instructors involved with the various activities on the holiday are officially qualified in their fields, you should also enquire about the equipment that is used for the different activities. Naturally, if you and your family is abseiling down a sheer cliff front, you want to be sure that the equipment that is being used is of the highest quality and in the best possible condition.

Make sure that you are insured

When you go on any kind of holiday, whether it is a week on a beach in Spain or walking in the Welsh mountains, it is advisable to take out travel insurance. When however you are hurtling through the rapids of the River Tryweyn, it is all but essential that you have taken out travel insurance in case you are involved in an accident and become injured.

Many adventure travel companies make it a mandatory requirement in the booking conditions that each guest has adequate travel insurance in order to participate in the different activities. In making such requirements mandatory proves that the company is sensible, professional and legitimate and should therefore be something that you look out for when you are choosing an activity holiday in the UK.

Consider the activities you would like to participate in

Activity holidays come in many different shapes, sizes and forms, and vary considerably in terms of what activities they offer.

Before you commit to one particular activity holiday company, you need to determine what activities exactly you and the rest of your party want to participate in. If, for example, you are particularly interested in pony trekking, you may be better off opting for a company that deals solely in pony trekking. Alternatively, if the group all wants to be involved in different activities, you may prefer to go to multi-activity holiday, which has a whole range of nail-biting, white-knuckle activities on offer.

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