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Stunning ECO Developments Coming From Dubai

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Traditional Cooling Towers, Dubai UAE – Photo Credit: Rod Waddington

Eco Dubai – Stunning Eco Developments

The face of Dubai is changing; once a small town in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai’s population, culture, and industry has exploded in the last 30 years. With the growth and development comes the possibility for pollution and damage to the environment, but in Dubai and around the world, developers like AAJ Property are moving towards eco-friendly building practices.

Sustainability Initiatives

Thirty years plus ago Dubai was a small desert port on the Persian Gulf with little more than an oil industry to support the whole city but all that has changed. The growth of this now world class city has brought development at a break neck speed. The modifications to the environment in and around Dubai is allowing for a reclaiming of the baron desert into an oasis. The countryside is truly going greener with the establishment of plants, grasses, and flowers. Furthermore sustainable construction practices protect the environment from the over use of energy and the emission of greenhouse gases which attack the ozone layer. The reduction of waste, the conservation of water, wind and solar energy are all being used on a much bigger scale to increase sustainability with in Dubai as they build.

Al Barari Estates

Now that the global economic crisis is moving away from Dubai, the city is picking itself up, dusting itself off (excuse the pun) and reclaiming the mega building status that sets this desert land apart from the rest of the world. One example of this is the new Al Barari Estates, a top of the range luxury eco development setting the bar on new green standards in Dubai and around the world. With the implementation of superior quality, local materials, green practices, and a focus on reclaiming the desert, Al Barari Estates is creating an environmentally friendly oasis for residents and the city to enjoy now and for years to come.

Dubai Pearl

The Dubai Pearl is often called a monumental architectural feat for the amazing visual display and eco friendly advancements used in the development and implementation of this piece of real estate. The building is being designed as a city within a city that is being built with eco-friendly resources that will encourage the use of alternative resources such as transportation, energy consumption, and recycling. Construction is focused on local materials and labor to keep the economy vitalized while the planning is considering the importance of reclaiming the desert. Regulations on composting waste and reducing waste are also part of the protocols going into the progress of this magnificent building.


Beyond the growth of sustainable construction, Dubai is also striving to develop environmentally sound business and set an example for the world to follow. DuBioTech is part of this global perspective. The 60,000 square foot building will house a nature preserve and serve as a center for education, research, and sustainability dedicated to the environment. Companies focused on creating a sustainable future will be welcomed to the building as Dubai builds itself into a global power for eco friendly practices in real estate, conservation, and green living.


Located in the emerging Dubai land will be a development that is much more than a piece of real estate but a life style for the residents. This 60 acre town will use grey water, photovoltaic cells, wind energy, and encourage a pedestrian oriented lifestyle. The placement of the development will be situated so that citizens will feel the cross breeze from the sea. In planning Xeritown, developers drew from xeriscape principles while taking into consideration the climate, landscape, and environment of Dubai.

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