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Outdoors And Adventure Vacations Becoming More Popular

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Traditionally, when one thinks of vacations they think of piling into the minivan and driving long distances to far-flung theme parks. Think of National Lampoon’s Vacation and the trip to Wally World and you get the idea. But these days, vacations have taken on a new look. Sure, people still go to theme parks, but other trends have taken hold, including the idea of the “adventure vacation.” Adventure vacations are activity oriented, outdoor excursions that provide excitement and allow you to appreciate nature. Some examples include canopy tours, hikes, white water rafting, and more.

Adrenaline Addicts

Adrenaline addicts and thrill seekers finally have resorts dedicated to their interests. It’s a fairly recent development, but with the so many people being on health and fitness kicks, adventure vacations couldn’t have been far behind. These outdoor resorts have increased in popularity year after year as people become more tired of life behind the computer screen. It feels like so much of life is spent sitting down in one place that relaxing doesn’t even feel like leisure anymore. Instead, it’s the opportunity to get a good rush and get the blood flowing that actually feels like a break from the everyday grind.

Adventure Vacations

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This isn’t to say that people have suddenly discovered the joys of rafting. But now you can actually get quality lodging nearby. This is another perk of the move towards adventure vacations. A whole industry has developed around the balancing act of comfort and experiencing nature. Many of the cabins available are quite nice and offer a much more enjoyable alternative to the huge hotel complexes we often associate with the vacation experience. Often, lodgings come as part of package deal so you pay one price for all of the activities located on site at the resort.

Canopy Tours

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Canopy tours, also known as zip lining, were once considered something that you saw on TV on a show like Fear Factor, but they’ve definitely gone mainstream and are now a popular outdoor activity. The same thing can be said for rock climbing. Rock climbing has gotten so popular that you can find gyms devoted to that one activity in the middle of a major city. Many people even have rock climbing parties. White water rafting has maintained its popularity and makes a great companion activity to the canopy tours and rock climbing activities that make up what’s available at adventure-themed resorts. As desk jobs become more common, it only makes sense that people will want more physical activity when taking a week off from work.

Heather B has always loved the outdoors and going on new adventures. She has recently found that zip lining through jungles and above woods has been one of the best experiences she has ever had.

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