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How To Plan The Perfect Las Vegas Vacation

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Everyone wants to go on a Vegas vacation at least once in their lifetime. Planning is key to having an amazing time and making the most out of your trip. Las Vegas is an exciting and fun place to visit and is great not only for a girls’ or boys’ weekend out but also great for a family vacation. There is a ton of entertaining things to see and do.  A key part of having a great vacation in Las Vegas is to have a plan before you go as to what you want to see and where you want to go.

Ask The Group

Depending on if you are a group of girls or a group of boys or a coed group, what you do can vary greatly but the main point stays the same. Have an idea of what you want to do before you go. Now no one wants to be the party pooper and plan the whole trip but still having a plan can make the vacation not only go smoother but gives you the potential to really optimize your time on your Vegas vacation. If none of the vacationers have been to Las Vegas before than it might be a good idea to get a list from each person of things they want to do while they are there.

More Than Just Casinos

Some people may just want to go to Las Vegas to visit the casinos but there is a ton of other enjoyable and exciting things to be done, like going to a show at a hotel, or trying restaurants that have a famous chef. After getting ideas as to what everyone wants to do, put together a rough schedule. If people want to go to shows, see what days or nights those shows are playing and get the tickets as soon as possible.

Rent A Limo

Another great idea when visiting Vegas is to consider limo services. Limo services can be a great way to get around Las Vegas. Limo services often have packages that consist of tours of Las Vegas that start at your hotel, take you down the strip and then end in old Vegas.  This could be a great way to start your Vegas vacation and give you an idea of where everything is.

Bring The Kids

If you are going as a family with small children, don’t worry there is still a ton of great things to do in Las Vegas. Planning with small children may require a little more forethought than if you are going as a group of just adults. Mainly consider how worn out the children may get after a long day in the heat with a lot of walking, as this may come into play with your planning.

The main thing to remember is to have fun and to also remember that even though you have a plan nothing is set in stone. It’s Las Vegas and sometimes plans go out the windows!

This article was written by Thomas Jay, article writer for 24-7 Vegas VIP; an industry-leading Vegas VIP service.

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