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How Could A Jet Charter Save You From A Nightmare?

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How Could A Jet Charter Save You: What would your worst nightmare be if you were on an airplane that didn’t put your safety at risk? While sitting in front of a little energetic child who likes to kick, or sitting middle with a chatterbox and a drooling sleepy person on your shoulder to either side of you is certainly terrible, that’s nothing compared to what happened to passengers of a Qantas flight from Chile to Australia.

Jet Charter

Unfortunately, for more than twenty poor souls, a gastrointestinal virus manifested during the time passengers boarded and the flight began, which resulted in serious gastrointestinal issues, including vomiting and other unpleasant things. As there were only four toilets on the airline, this made for an uncomfortable time at best for everyone on board. Luckily, it was only a fourteen hour flight!

Now even if you don’t encounter a very scary and contagious gastrointestinal condition on your next flight, there are many other factors of commercial flying that aren’t much fun. From dealing with TSA and waiting in line to board a flight, to the lack of leg room, poor dining options and potential for delays, nobody looks forward to a commercial air flight.

How Could A Jet Charter Save You

So what possibilities are out there that could prevent you from dealing with such a hassle for your next personal or business flight? Why not consider a jet charter? Here are five reasons you might want to consider going charter for your next flight.

  • You pick the airport: One of the biggest problems with flying commercial is the fact that there aren’t many places to fly out of. There are less than fifty airports out there for public commercial flights. This means that all of those people who are travelling for business or personal reasons are using those airports. On top of traffic, congestion inside the airport could make anyone feel claustrophobic. When you charter a jet, you can choose from over 5,000 different airports.
  • You pick the time: Unfortunately, when you deal with commercial flights, you deal with their schedule. This could mean red-eyes, layovers and delays that come with larger hubs. Chartering a jet allows you to pick the time, which means you can go at your convenience.
  • You pick the accommodations: If you’re entertaining guests for business or personal purposes, nothing can take the wind out of your sails quicker than a commercial flight. Jet charter trips can provide the luxurious atmosphere that you’re looking for on your flight. You can request special accommodations to cater to your individual needs, such as food and drinks.
  • You pick the guests on board: If you’re on a long flight, there’s nothing worse than dealing with other guests who provide a less than optimal experience. One only needs to watch Planes, Trains and Automobiles to understand the problem with flying commercial. Avoid having to deal with strangers whom you’d rather not have to deal with on a flight and choose a charter.

Flying commercial is a necessity for many, but if you can avoid it, enlisting the services of a jet charter can help create the optimal flight experience. Even if you don’t have a nightmare situation, using a jet charter will always be a dream-like experience.

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