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Healing powers of travelling

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For all the ‘Eat Pray Love’ followers, there are three healing travel destinations: Italy, India and Bali. Many people attempted to find new meaning in life, stuffing themselves with pizza in Italy, practicing yoga in India and getting drunk in the comfortable resorts of Bali.

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All jokes aside, travelling does in fact have healing powers. Leaving the comfort of a familiar environment and your own house, to explore a new place surrounded by an unusual snowy mountains’ panorama, a lazy sunny beach picture or a chilled rain forest adventure can be daunting for a lot of people. However, this kind of stress is good for us.

There are many reasons travelling is good for us, including improving your geography skills to developing better problem solving ability when getting lost in Bangkok. Travelling often assists in expanding ourselves. As soon as we are away from our comfort zone, we start finding new ways of dealing with uncomfortable new culture. We develop new skills and capacities while trying out different approaches in different situations.

For some people, visiting a new country means satisfying curiosity and finding a new meaning in their lives. It often enhances self-confidence as we get better navigating on a foreign land. For everyone not being able to follow instructions well and conquer task after task, travelling is an amazing healing tool teaching how accomplish all of these difficult things.

Apart from developing skills, we thought we’d never have an opportunity to do – like learn a new language and culture, we also meet new people. How can that be healing? Humans love to socialise. We often surround ourselves with many friends and relatives to feel secure, loved and to be able to share our thoughts and feelings. Meeting new people often brings new beginnings, new points of view and opinions. It will give you new perspectives on already known experiences or unknown facts. If you happen to be between jobs, relationships, universities, countries or anything, meeting an absolutely different person can open a whole new world of opportunities.

For everyone travelling as volunteers to Third World countries, helping children from poor villages to get through the school, saving gorillas from being slaughtered or researching the number of tigers in a particular area, travelling is a remedy for anything whether it is a lethal disease or having mild depression.

Do not forget that travelling always finishes with some great stories we love sharing with our relatives and friends. Our freshly gained experience can trigger someone else to do something different, including travelling or choosing a different university or accepting a new job offer. Bringing a new experience home can often be useful for all the beloved ones and people around you. Travelling is something everyone should do. Travelling has healing powers for anyone sick, sad or seeking new adventure.

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