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Enjoy The Splendor Of Folly Beach Vacation Rentals In South Carolina

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Folly Beach vacation rentals are some of the finest vacation accommodations you will find in South Carolina. Call it “southern hospitality” if you will. A long time family favorite vacation spot, Folly Beach offers tasty dishes, stunning beaches, and a cozy town setting. Vacationers who have had the pleasure of sampling the many exclusive offerings of this lovely beach, frequently come back year after year booking the many rentals Folly has waiting for them. There is so much to enjoy like surfing, ocean swimming, fishing or just relaxing on the beach, and much more!

Folly Beach, SC – Photo Credit: Anita Wilcox

Folly is known as a discrete beach town. Visitors come to shake-off the stress they deal with day to day. The distinctively silhouetted island is six and a half miles long and two miles wide, offering the ideal diversion for a genuine relaxing holiday. The Atlantic Ocean region of the island is engrossed with beach from one end to the other. This means plenty of vacation rental properties available directly on the beach. Because the island is only two miles wide, the beach is easy to find no matter where you are located in Folly.

A Brief History of Folly Beach

The earliest documentation of Folly goes back to 1696 when it was actually capitulated as a royal grant. Prior to the Civil War, Folly Beach was known as Coffin Island and was popular for its seclusion from the mainland. Due to lack of law enforcement, the island was a hangout of pirates, and well-known for its shipwrecks like the Amelia.

Tactically situated south of Charleston and near Fort Sumter, Folly turned into a bastion for Union defense forces during the Civil War. However, there was little warfare on the island, comparatively, it became overflowing with tents, and a number of streets that are still utilized today were built.

About this time, the island was famously known as “Folly,” a primitive English word meaning “dense foliage.” To outsiders like soldiers from up north and visitors during this time, the region in all probability looked like a forest and felt quite ethereal.

By the beginning of the 20th century, Folly Beach had grown intensely self-sufficient. The actual covering was constructed during the late 1920s amid reports that Folly was being used as a hideaway and drop-off for lowlife bootleggers. With the 1930s came the introduction of the Atlantic Pavilion, pier, boardwalk, and the Oceanfront Hotel, changing Folly into a first-rate vacation spot.

The Charm of Folly Beach Vacation Rentals

Folly Beach has various types of vacation rentals like condos, houses, and apartments. Accommodation is reasonably priced and will befit any rental requirement and budget. Whether you are visiting on a family vacation, a dreamy honeymoon, or for a lazy getaway, Folly has splendid rentals and beach houses to satisfy your travel needs.

Many vacationers have come to visit Folly Beach with one shared characteristic. After they have experienced the warmth of the South Carolina sunrays, felt the sand beneath their feet, and walked along the Atlantic Ocean coastline admiring the stunning natural landscapes combined with a gorgeous beach, no one wants to leave! Folly Beach can mesmerize you with its splendor and make you forget your cares till another day. Folly Beach vacation rentals can be just what your family needs to ride out the summer!

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