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Bali at Night – Safety Guide to Bali for Tourists

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Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. It is one of the most attractive islands located in Indonesia. There are many tourists coming to this place because Bali has many different interested places to visit. You need to visit Bali if you want to enjoy the beauty of this fantastic island. However, you have to be careful when travelling to a new place. In this article, there are some safety tips that can help you enjoy this beautiful island without having any problems. You can use this Bali guide to help you learn about Bali situation, especially during night time.

The Laguna Bali pool at night. Image Source Flickr

1. Get preventive shots for malaria

Bali is located in Indonesia which has a tropical climate. There are many dangerous illnesses that you can get in this city. One of the most dangerous diseases in Bali is malaria. Most mosquitoes spread this disease at night. Before you visit Bali, you need to get preventive shots to keep you from malaria. This is the safest way to avoid getting malaria during your vacation in Bali. Do not forget to have some bug repellent sprays in order to avoid any of those mosquitos.

2. Only buy liquor from the supermarkets

If you want to drink alcohol, you need to buy the liquor from the supermarkets. There are many dangerous alcohol beverages sold everywhere in Bali. During the night time, there are many local people in Bali selling alcohol beverage which is called as “Arak”. They tend to sell this beverage to the foreign tourists because the tourists do not know anything about this “Arak”. This alcohol beverage can only be found in Bali. It contains many dangerous substances that are dangerous for your body. This beverage contains methyl alcohol which is toxic to your body. This “Arak” is also illegal in this country. That is another reason why you need to avoid purchasing this beverage from the local people. Indonesian police will arrest you when they find you purchasing this illegal beverage from streets. If you do not want to make any troubles with the police, you should only buy liquor from the supermarket.

3. Do not drink the water in Bali

Bali does not have any modern and advanced technologies to process the water. That is the reason why you should not drink the water in this city. The water in Bali does not go through the filtration process as in the modern cities. Therefore, the water in this area may contain some microorganisms and unwanted materials that can be dangerous for your health. If you want to drink water, you need to purchase the bottled drink from the supermarket. Always buy the bottled water from the supermarket because there are many local people selling illegal water on streets.

4. Be careful with tattoo masters in Bali

There are many local people selling tattoo in Bali, especially during the night time. Tattoo is very popular in this beautiful island. However, you should not buy tattoo from those sellers. There are many HIV evidences in Indonesia, especially in Bali. HIV is one of the most dangerous diseases in the world. There is no cure for people with this disease. After being infected by HIV, people will lose their immune system. Tattoo is one of the fastest ways to spread this virus from one person to another one. If you do not want to get infected by HIV, you should not try purchasing tattoo from the local sellers here.

5. Always read the tsunami warning

Bali is an island surrounded by the ocean. That is the reason why you have to be very careful with the tsunami warning from the newspaper or your hotel. Indonesia is located in the area which has a high risk of getting tsunami. Always make sure that you read all information about tsunami from the newspaper or local news. If you want to avoid any dangers of the tsunami, you need to find accommodations which are located at least 200 feet above the sea level.

Those are some important Bali guides that you can use to help you enjoy your vacation in Bali. You need to learn about Bali before visiting this beautiful island. It is important to learn about the situation in Bali, especially during night time. You can get the information from the internet or newspaper. Make sure to find an affordable lodging, as first timers tend to get scammed by the locals. Also be sure to look for good deals on flights to Bali, depending on the airline and the time of the year you are visiting the prices may range from $150 to $500 from a single location. Be prepared, that goes for every place you visit.

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